Hemp Wick Lighter Case - Fits Standard Lighters - Easy to Use Hemp Feeder for Slower & More Natural Flame


Hemp Wick Lighter Case - Fits Standard Lighters

  • EASY TO USE - Simply wind hemp around the base, and feed through the case
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - This case easily fits in your pocket and goes with you wherever you go
  • MADE IN USA - This lighter case is made of durable textured plastic and is proudly manufactured in the USA
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Forget the cases that have multiple pieces that can easily break, this case is built to last
  • FITS STANDARD BIC LIGHTERS - Specially designed to slide a lighter in and out, without it falling out
  • DESIGNED TO HOLD MORE HEMP - Replace the hemp less often with a large wrap area

Buy Hemp Wick Lighter Case in the USA

Hemp Wick Lighter Case is specially designed to easily light hemp string to get a slower burn and save lighter fluid with all-natural hemp. Hemp Wick Lighter Case fits all standard BIC lighters and is easy to install and uninstall lighters, as well as feed hemp through the case. The small opening extinguishes flames if you forget to blow it out, saving hemp. The material is a strong textured plastic with a textured feel. Hemp Wick Lighter Case product is manufactured in the USA.