The new PAX Era is re-engineered to deliver 50% bigger, more potent hits. An intuitive, new anti-clog feature ensures easy, consistent & flavorful draws. Simply pop in a PAX pod for more flowerful experiences. The iconic, pocket-sized PAX Era delivers reliable puffs time after time.

Better Hits. Less Hassle.
Our new anti-clog feature works automatically to break up, and prevent, clogs. Simply pop in your pod & let the device do the rest.

More Powerful & Potent
The new PAX Era has been re-engineered to produce more vapor, faster. Get 50% heavier hits for bigger clouds & better sessions. All in the same portable, discreet design.
Heat, Never Burn
Patented temperature control heats, and never burns, for consistent flavors & aromas from start-to-finish of every pod. More of the good stuff and none of the harsh smoke.
Personalize your puffs with Pop-and-Click technology to select one of four temperature settings.
Cleaner, Safer System
PAX Era pods are made with food grade materials and tested to medical standards, certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants. When you combine the pod technology with our temp control, oil is good to the last drop.


USE WITH :Oil Extracts capacity
CAPACITY .5g + 1g pods

HEAT TIME Instant sessions
RUN TIME 150 puffs (40 - 50 sessions)


Includes: USB Charger