Making sure you get the most out of every dab session is a top priority for aficionados. That’s why the V1 Dab Tool is a must-have for any dab connoisseur looking to maximize their experience. The V1 Dab Tool's high-end stainless steel tool features two sides designed to give you maximum product efficiency and convenience. The V1 Dab Tool's pointed side offers a sharp edge, perfect for those tough spots in packages or pesky corners of your product container and banger.  

While The V1 Dab Tool's elegant scoop end allows hassle-free transferring from whatever container your product originates from, such as a jar or narrow-neck bottle, all the way through to your beloved banger or nail. Plus, with its stylish center grip, you can keep an ironclad grip on your V1 Dab Tool even when working with oils that may be slick to the touch. The V1 Dab Tool also offers nice weight and feels good in the hand.

Ultimately, there’s no reason not to stock up on these versatile tools since The V1 Dab Tool last a lifetime. You can count on their sturdy stainless steel construction and ergonomic design to provide the utmost convenience during each hit of your favorite concentrate - no matter how big or small it may be! With this amazing dab tool in your arsenal, now you can focus more time and energy relaxing and enjoying each puff and have one less thing to worry about during prep time!


A Dabber Tool is an essential part of any dabber collection. It is recommended for use with any of our bangers!