Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer | Onyx Limited Edition



Delivering excellent quality vaporization, the Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer delivers flavor like no other volcano vape on the market. Made from quality materials in Germany, these table top vapes have a sleek design and awesome durability. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer has adjustable temperature and easy to use design make vaping easier than ever before.

Balloon Bag Tubes and Easy Valve Replacement Sets available.

  • Volcano Classic Vaporizer
  • Easy valve balloon w/ mouthpiece (4pc)
  • Easy valve balloon w/ adapter
  • Filling chamber
  • Filling chamber clip (3pc)
  • Cap ring
  • Normal screen (~30mm)
  • Drip pad (~28mm x 4mm)
  • Air filter set
  • Herb mill (~59mm)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction guide